Images and Editions Peter Arnold

Fine Art, Limited Edition Prints for Sale for Interior Design, Galleries, Hotels and Collectors


The production of each image is personally overseen by Peter Arnold. High quality archival inks are used on fine art paper to achieve the best possible results.


Editions: Most of the prints are offered as editions of 195, or as indicated, and signed and numbered by the artist.


Borders: A clear border of one and a half inches (4cm) will surround the images on three sides with a clear drop of two inches (5cm) at the base.


Materials: Photographs are recorded on fine grain film, and then as with art images, scanned on a high resolution drum scanner. The images are then printed as Giclee prints with light fast inks onto good quality, fine art paper.


Information about computer screens and monitors: Please note that all computer and PC screens and monitors can produce slightly different results. The original print colours and saturation may not be faithfully reproduced on your screen.